Homeschool Tracker Plus

Homeschool Tracker Plus (HST+) is no longer being sold to new customers. If you are an existing user, you can still get support for HST+ for the foreseeable future.


Why is HST+ being discontinued?

HST+ was originally developed in 2003 and was one of the first full-featured homeschool planning and tracking applications available. Over the course of 11 years, HST+ has been updated 97 times with new features and support for updated operating systems. Unfortunately, this cycle of updates has finally hit a wall. Without completely rewriting the program, we are unable to continue updating HST+ to remain compatible with the ever-changing Windows ecosystem. At the same time, the industry is moving to web-based cloud applications that are compatible across multiple platforms and devices. It is for these reasons that we are focusing all of our future development efforts on HSTOnline, our web-based version of Homeschool Tracker.

Will you continue to support HST+?

It is our intention to continue supporting existing HST+ users. However, we only anticipate more compatibility issues as Windows continues to evolve and HST+ continues to age. Eventually we will need to stop support, but not in the foreseeable future.

Will HST+ stop working?

No. HST+ continues to be a viable solution for many users and will likely continue to operate for years to come. However, future updates to Windows and other dependent platforms, could cause compatibility issues for HST+. For example, the ISBN lookup feature of HST+ was recently disabled by Amazon and is no longer functional within HST+.

Can HST+ users move to HSTOnline?

Absolutely. We have developed a tool that allows an HST+ database to be imported into an HSTOnline account. You can find more information about that process here.

What if I don’t want an online program and still want to buy HST+?

We have always stood by the products that we create and sell. As HST+ begins to show its age, we no longer feel comfortable selling it. For example, the ISBN lookup feature of HST+ is no longer working and we’re unable update the application in order to fix it. HSTOnline has all of our attention and is a product that we are proud to stand behind.

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